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Dry Sack 8 Person First Aid Kit
Dry Sack 8 Person First Aid Kit
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Great for Camping, Hiking, Fishing or any other sport where you need to keep your medical supplies out of the Rain, Snow, etc...
We took our Dry Sack and added our modules to create this handy Dry Sack First Aid Kit. The first aid supplies are all conveniently split up into 4 different modules that are labeled by type of injury. Module One is Common Problems, which contains bandages, alcohol prep pads, aspirin, eye pads, antacids and so on. Module Two is for Cuts & Splinters, which contains a more extensive variety of bandages and gauze along with tweezers, scissors, wound covers and more. Module Three is for Srains & Fractures and includes elastic bandages, cold packs, splints and a sling. Module Four is for Burns & CPR and contains a CPR mask, gloves, burn jel and pads. We have also included a Medications Module that will come empty so that you can add any personal medications or hygiene products you may want to take along with you. There is plenty of room left in the kit to add a towel or small blanket. Dimensions: 36"Hx13"D

Module #1 Common Problems
6 Alcohol Prep Pads (singles)
8 Antacid Tablets (2 packs)
8 Aspirin ( 2 packs)
25 Bandages 1x3
1 Calamine Lotion (bottle)
1 Cotton Swabs (bag/100)
2 Eye Pads
1 Eye Wash (bottle)
1 Ice Bag (zip-lock)
6 Insect Bite Relief Swabs (singles) 6
15 Diotame Tablets (antacid - 2/pk)
4 Thermometer (unbreakable)
6 Povidone Iodine Preps

Module #2 Cuts & Splinters
15 Bandages - Strip 1x3
5 Bandages- Finger Tip
5 Bandages - Knuckle
20 Bandages - Butterfly
2 Benzoine Swabs
6 BZK Antiseptic Wipes
2 Dressing Pads 5x9
10 Gauze Pads 2x2 -2/ pk
10 Gauze Pads 4x4 - 2/ pk
6 Povidone Iodine Preps
2 Roll Gauze - 2"
1 Roll Gauze - 4"
1 Paramedic Shears
2 Non-Sterile Synthetic Gloves
2 Transparent Wound Covers
6 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1 Tweezers

Module #3 Sprains & Fractures
1 Adhesive Tape 1"
1 Elastic Bandage 4"
1 Elastic Bandage 2"
3 Instant Cold Packs
1 Ice Bag
5 Safety Pins
3 Splint - Finger 1x6
1 Triangle Sling

Module #4 CPR & Burns
6 Burn Jel 1/8 oz. Packettes
2 Burn Pad 2x2
1 CPR Mask w/ Valve Green
1 Oral Airways- medium
2 Roll Gauze 4" Sterile
2 Synthetic Gloves
1 First Aid Guide

Module #5 Medication Module
Module with space to add personal medications and prescription drugs.

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